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Who We Are

Spanish group of companies specialized in the dermo cosmetic and fragrance markets.

EG Active Cosmetics is a Barcelona-based company specializing in the development of active ingredients for the cosmetic and dermocosmetic market. Their OLIVE ACTIVE brand has been researching olive longevity biomolecules and their benefits for the skin for 16 years.
The company focuses on eco-responsibility and sustainability in the olive industry, using byproducts of the industry as the basis for the development of their active ingredients. This reflects their commitment to sustainability and environmental care.
EG Active Cosmetics' research and development efforts have resulted in over 30 studies and 4 patents, demonstrating their dedication and effort in providing innovative and effective skincare products. With their products, EG Active Cosmetics offers the science behind the olive at the fingertips of their customers.

Benefits of the service

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Natural and sustainable active ingredients

EG Active Cosmetics' products are based on natural and sustainable active ingredients, which are safe and eco-friendly. This makes it easier for you to promote the products to customers who are conscious of their environmental impact.

Efficacy testing

EG Active Cosmetics carries out efficacy testing on its products to ensure that they deliver the expected results. As a distributor, you can use these results to showcase the quality of the products and build customer trust.

Technical support

EG Active Cosmetics provides quick and personalized technical support to its distributors. This ensures that you can resolve any issues or answer any questions from customers promptly, leading to better customer satisfaction.

Marketing support

EG Active Cosmetics has an extensive knowledge of marketing, which it can use to help its customers and distributors. This includes providing marketing materials, advice, and strategies to help distributors reach their target market and promote the products effectively.

Customized product recommendations

The EG Active distributor platform provides customized product recommendations based on the customer's skin type, age, and other relevant factors. This makes it easier for distributors to recommend the right products to their customers and increase customer satisfaction.

Order management and tracking

The EG Active distributor platform allows distributors to manage their orders and track their shipments. This makes it easier for distributors to keep track of their inventory and ensure timely delivery of products to their customers. Additionally, distributors can view their order history and make repeat orders quickly and easily, streamlining the ordering process.


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